Thursday, November 19, 2009

Geographers, Burgers and Vets

GSA, Burgers and Vets

- By JP Cordero


Geography students shouted out food orders Wednesday, November 11th as we volunteered our services at a Veterans Day event which was held at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Center for the National Guard. “Hot dog and hamburger combo!” could be heard clear across the base while Geography Student Association volunteers took on the heavy task of feeding thousands of hungry veterans and their families.

Smiles were plentiful as thanks were given to the men and women who served in the US armed forces. Hot grease attempted to burn through my plastic sanitation gloves as I stacked burger upon burger onto plates which were handed out for free to all veterans and any one who was hungry. The line for our tasty sensations was almost one-hundred meters long and snaked around the outdoor dining area filled with men and women decorated by metals and ribbons received in all wars fought from World War 1 up to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

At times it was unnerving to see the occasional M-16 assault rifle shouldered by some of the active members of the National Guard but once they were eating my worries dissipated. Working along side the men of The Elks Lodge in Garden Grove was a real treat in that we were consistently entertained by their anecdotes of time spent in our nation’s service and humored by their silly antics.

Dr. Unna Lassiter headed our mission to feed all our hungry veterans and she reminded us of the importance of recognizing such an important day. With the help of our beloved professor and the GSA our mission was a success! It came as no surprise when we were invited to come back for next year’s Veterans Day event to once again feed the Vets.

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