Tuesday, October 8, 2013

LAGS and Future Events

Welcome back!  New year, new GSA and exciting new events.  Some of those events were the LAGS lectures in September and this month on the 4th.  Both were given by CSULB's Dr. Paul Laris and Dr. Deborah Thien at LA City College.  If you missed out, which you probably did because I let the craziness of the first month back keep me from updating this blog, then you can at least listen to Dr. Thien's lecture on emotional geographies focusing on PTSD in the military and its affects on both men and women.  (Sorry the sound quality is not the best.)  You can download and listen to it via this link.

There will be another lecture on November 1st on medical marijuana dispensaries in LA by Dr. Steve Graves of CSU Northridge.  We'll be putting together a carpool for those who need or can give a ride.  You can email us at csulbgsa@gmail.com for carpool info. You can also take the metro - blue line to red line to Vermont Station, which is just outside of the college.  Here's a map.    

But the fun is only beginning.  There are several things in the works for this semester, including a cultural night, hike and Geography Awareness Week!!  Yep, I'm excited. 

We're currently looking for students to be on committees for both the cultural night and geography awareness week to help set everything up.  Cultural Night is planned for sometime before the end of October.  We're thinking Oktoberfest style but we're open to suggestions.  Preferably something in Long Beach.

The hike is planned for early November and will probably be at Angels Gate Park/Korean Friendship Bell, but we're still working on that.  Hopefully we can set up a carpool for that as well.

Geography Awareness Week will take place the 3rd week of November (the 18th - 22nd I believe) and could consist of map displays, a lecture on the geography of Mars by Dr. Rodrigue, a coffee tasting and more!  This is basically a week where we try to tell the world that geography is more than just knowing where cities are.  If you're interested in helping out or have something you want to do for it than just email us.

Oh yeah, and good luck on those midterms.   

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