Monday, November 25, 2013

Geography Awareness Week

Geography Awareness Week was a success!

The Geography Department and GSA brought geography to the people.  Or least geographers got to hang out and do fun geography-related things.

So here's a recap of that fun week before you get down to finishing those projects and studying for finals.  There will be an end of the year pot luck.  More info on that later.

Bret Hartt's coffee talk and tasting.  If you missed it, well I can't give you any coffee, but you can download and listen to his talk here.  You can even hear the coffee being ground!  Plus I have pictures.

The outdoor film screening of Urbanized by Gary Hustwit.  Unfortunately I missed most of that but what I did see was interesting.   Here's the trailer.

 Bret Hartt's film screening of Breakwater about the Long Beach breakwater.  You can download and listen to the Q and A with Brett, the director and the editor.

MAP EXHIBIT!  We got to show off various maps by students and faculty. 

Dr. Christine Rodrigue gave a talk on the geography of Mars, which was fascinating.  Have a listen to it here.  You can also read and view her slides at her website.  

The last film screening was on a documentary called Africa Representa by Harald Friedl.  This was a great film on life in Africa and how the people see their lives and those of the developed countries.

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