Thursday, August 30, 2012

Morocco, Maps, and Rock n' Roll

Hey, quick update before we get to the real "business" update!

Just so you can get these on your calendars, we're planning a dinner at ASHA in Long Beach on Sunday, September 9th. Email us, or reply to the facebook event here!

Also, we are planning on doing a group trip up to the LACMA for a really amazing Maps exhibit they have going on. That's on Friday, Sept. 14th, around 5pm. Free for LA County Residents, $10 for students otherwise. Bands and other events happening around LACMA that night, too!

Additionally, our very own Dr. Dallman just sent this along. Who Shot Rock n' Roll? at the Annenberg Center. Very cool!

That's it for now. Emphasis on the "for now." Oh, just kidding. If you haven't joined our group on facebook, do that now. It's right here and super quick!

Thanks for your time!

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