Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome to Fall 2012 from your Friendly Neighborhood GSA

New year at CSULB, new building for the Geography department, and more! Big new things are happening here, and we would love more than anything for you (yes, you) to be a part of it all.

Our first meetings of the semester are going to be on Tuesday, 12:30pm in a room that's going to be assigned soon, and Wednesday at 5:30pm in PH1-222. So, mark your calendars and bring some ideas for restaurants to eat at, places around SoCal to explore, and a bunch of pretty pictures from your summer travels to share. More details soon.

Also, for you conference-heads, we're going to start posting a bunch of CFPs (that's Calls for Papers) on this site for you guys. AAG is going down in LA in the spring, so that's pretty big right there. Anyway, like we said, more coming soon.


Here's a video someone made for the band Geographer's song "Paris" with a background of New York, because the song's just that good it doesn't even need to match the visual.

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